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 Performing - Studying - Exhibiting - Conserving

A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation    email contact

        Bill Shull, RPT, M.Mus.  Founder and President

       610 Amigos Dr C,  Redlands, CA  92373  909 796-4226     PERIOD PIANO CENTER SINCE 2006                       

We seek to rediscover the art of the piano as the composer heard it on the instruments of the time;  to collect and study the instruments themselves, conserving many for history, and performing on many, so we might rediscover history’s magic.  We exhibit and curate instruments, tell the great stories of piano and society, and study the history of the piano, its technology and its builders.






Period Pianos Available for the 2021-2022 Season

Erard 8’6” 260cm 1869;  Erard 8’7” 263cm 1900 90 note;  Broadwood 1813 Square;  McNulty Walter 6 octave 1805 copy

One instrument available for concert use is our 8’ 6 1/2” 1869 London Erard piano #11541.  Erard was a French builder with an additional factory in London.  Erard is the instrument especially suitable for the French composers whose works will be played. 

This particular instrument, with its highly decorated cabinet, is not only visually irresistible, but it is so musically fitting for repertoire from Chopin to Ravel.

Erard Gonzalez plan view bottom
Erard 11541 2022 1a

In addition to the extraordinary cabinet with its detailed marquetry and application of ornamental brass, this piano has an unusual “Patent Resonator.”  At the time it was popular for builders to include tonal enhancements (Steinway had its own “Patent Resonator” which compressed the soundboard with perimeter bolts, and both Steinway and Bluthner had “aliquot” systems to create a brighter treble sound).  This interesting device was intended to enhance tone also.  Attached by perimeter flanges at the piano rim, it hangs by strings from the soundboard itself, and so is connected both physically and through sonic proximity.  There is no doubt that, for whatever reason, this is a  tonally extroardinary piano. 

Another Erard newly available for concert use is our 8’ 6 1/2” 1900 Paris Erard piano #80509 with a compass of 90 notes.  Our only Erard with the top 3 notes available for composers of impressionism, it even has two extra notes in the bass, which substantially enhances the tone of the normal bass range.

This instrument has a sophisticated soft pedal which raises the hammers while changing the key ratio;  this makes possible an incredible triple pianissimo with ease and control.

90 note Erard 2
McNulty Walter 6 oct

The McNulty copy of a 6 octave Walter (as understood from a 5 1/2 octave Walter and documents which refer to a 6 octave Walter) is also available due to the generosity of Charles Metz.  It was used for the Daniel Adam Maltz residency in February 2022, and also will be used for the 6/4/2022 concert, with Rameau’s Nouvelle Suite.

The Broadwood Square from 1813 was used for the master class with Julian Jenson in February 2022

Broadwood Square 8
Broadwood Square 8
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